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We carry various poly-webbing materials suitable for short term packaging of food and dairy products. Click on a product to view more information. Please contact us about custom products if you don’t find what you’re looking for.


Cheese Bandages - Strips & Circles

Cheesecloth BandagesCheese bandage strips and circles can be made in any size. For more information, give us a call.

Young Amer.
Cheesecloth Roll Goods (100 yard minimum)

Disposable Block Wraps - High Density Clear & Blue

Poly Webbing Block Wrap

Available in 20#, 40# and 60#. For more information on possible sizes and specifications, give us a call.

Filter Bags, Replacement Tubes, Strainer Filter Bags & End of Line Filters

Filter Bags by Hygienic Fabrics & Filters Filter bags are designed to be tied or clamped to the discharge of product pipelines. They pre-filter product and help prevent foam and splash problems. Choose a large enough bag to allow product to exit faster that it enters. Otherwise the bag will become pressurized, resulting in churning, other product damage and bag failure. The bag should be long enough to be supported within the recieving vessel. If it is not, it may rip or slip from the discharge line.

A wide variety of materials are used to give you a specific micron retention for your particular application. Micron ratings from 20 microns to 1500 microns provide a multitude of filtration choices from ultra-fine filtration to course filtration.

We manufacture bags with or without strings in any size from any available material.

Flannel Filter Bags
Bleached Sheeting Filter Bags
Cheese Cloth Filter Press Cloth Bag
Cheese Cloth Filter Flannel Bag
Cheese Cloth Filter Single Cheese Cloth Bag
Cheese Cloth Filter Double Cheese Cloth Bag
Cheese Cloth Filter Single Cheese Cloth Tube
Cheese Cloth Filter Flannel Tube
Flannel Filter Tubes
Filter Bag Hot Filter Tube
Filter Bag Cold Filter Tube
Polyester Screen
Smooth Weave
Cotton Cheese Cloth
Polyester Knit
Plain Weave Polyester
Nylon Leno
Monofilament Nylon

Other Filter Bags

We carry a wide variety of filter bags, including many different types of materials and sizes, with or without drawstrings. Give us a call today for all our options!

Fines Savers

Custom Fines Savers by HyFab

We offer a complete line of replacement filters for the Fines Saver Equipment, including Russell Finex, Sermia, Sherping, and Azo & Damrow. These filters are made to the exact requested dimensions from the best polyester and nylon monofilament materials available in the marketplace.

Micron retention from 20 microns to 500 microns enable you to find the right filter for your application.

Standard Sizes:

11 1/4 x 25″
11 1/2 x 25″
11 3/8 x 22 7/8″
11 1/4 x 23″
11 1/2 x 23″
12 1/2 x 24″

Any size with any micron rating can be made to your specifications.

Roll Goods

We carry many types of roll goods. These would include:

#007 Disposable Poly Webbing
Bleach Sheeting
Cheese Cloth

We also carry others. Call us today for more information.

Wraps, Press Cloth & Custom Products

Hygienic Fabric & Filter Material Assortment

These liners are used between stainless steel molds and cheese for a smooth finish on the cheese block.

Liners are made from cotton and nylon in various shapes and sizes.

40# Narrow Press Cloth (12″ x 45″)
40# Wide Press Cloth (15″ x 45″)
40# Cutout Press Cloth (12″ x 15″ x 47.5″)
20# Cutout Press Cloth (12″ x 15″ x 36″)
Hornliners (18″ x 22″)
Hornliners (20″ x 22″)
Hornliners (22″ x 22″)
Circles Liners (6″ thru 44″)