Two Locations to Serve Your Fabric and Filter Needs

Wisconsin Wraps & Press Cloth

Film Wraps & Film Packaging

We carry various poly-webbing materials suitable for short term packaging of food and dairy products. Pressing webbing for 72 hours holds and web bandages for blocks and circles as well.

Illinois Sewn Products Division

Sewn Products Division

All of our fabric filters, sleeves, bags and tubes with few exceptions are all hand-sewn mainly out of our Lanark, IL plant. We hold in stock a wide variety of raw materials of varying degrees micron retentions, chemical and acid resistances and strength and flexibility to suit a myriad of process requirements.

HyFab’s History

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters was founded in 1959 as a supplier of fabricated cloth and filter media socks, tubes and filters for the Food and Dairy industry in the Midwest and Eastern dairy states. The industry has changed dramatically over those early days when every dairy had a small to medium-sized cheese plant attached to the dairy in order not to waste overproduced milk. The advent of efficient tanker trucks to transport milk eliminated the need for many of these small dairy-fed cheese companies as their excess milk could be sold to cooperatives that now feed the larger and larger cheese operations we have throughout the country today.

Hygienic Fabrics & Filters has changed with the times and although we still take great pride in supplying cheese makers who use the traditional methods of bandaging cheese in hoops with cotton cheesecloth, we also fabricate filters, tubes, bags and wraps for the modern operations in place today.

Whether you are filtering whey with Fines Savers, using Alpha Laval or Tri-Clover inline filtering, or wrapping cheese with poly-webbing for blocks and barrels, we have the ability to handle it all. Today we have two plants. Our Lanark, Illinois plant fabricates hand-sewn filters made of traditional and newly-developed filtering materials, including mono-filament and non-woven materials capable of filtering from 5 to 2000 microns.

Our Sheboygan, Wisconsin plant does some sewing of filters but is primarily the converter of poly-webbing materials used in the cheese industry but with applications in the pharmaceutical industry as well.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to be able to supply our customers’ needs for unusual sizes and applications, and thus have been able to develop products that fall outside the Food & Dairy or pharmaceutical industry.  All materials used in our fabrications, however, meet the qualifications established by the Food and Drug Administration for food packaging and processing operations.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products or for any questions you may have.