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Since 1978, we’ve been providing quality fabrics and filters. From cheese manufacturers to hospitals, customers know they can trust the Hyfab brand to provide top-notch products.

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Pharmaceutical & Other Industrial Products

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Hygienic Fabrics & Filters was founded in 1959 as a supplier of fabricated cloth and filter media socks, tubes and filters for the Food and Dairy industry in the Midwest and Eastern dairy states. Even though the industry has changed dramatically over those early days, we still offer traditional bandaging materials alongside fabrication of filters, tubes, bags and wraps for the modern operations in place today.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to be able to supply our customers’ needs for unusual sizes and applications, and thus have been able to develop products that fall outside the Food & Dairy or pharmaceutical industry. All materials used in our fabrications, however, meet the qualifications established by the Food and Drug Administration for food packaging and processing operations.